independent educational evaluation how and when to request one

An independent educational evaluation is often referred to as an IEE. One of your parental rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is that you have the right to request an IEE at public expense if you believe that an assessment completed by the school district during the eligibility or re-eligibility process is inaccurate or invalid. The district has a choice at this point to file for a due process hearing or provide the parents with a list of approved independent evaluators. The parents do not have to pick from this list of providers but if they pick another provider the provider must have certain credentials.

Some parents misinterpret this law and go out and get assessments and bring them to IEP meetings and expect them to be paid for and adhered to. This is not how the process works. First, the school district personnel or contractors the school district hires must complete an assessment on your child. Then the assessment, which should include recommendations, must then be presented and explained to you. Finally, if you have a significant reason to believe that the school district’s assessment is invalid or inaccurate you may state that and request an IEE at public expense.

The school district may ask you why you are requesting an IEE but they may not require you to explain your rationale and they must quickly make a decision on how to act upon your request. The district will either give you a list of approved Independent Evaluators or if the school district feels strongly that their assessment is valid and appropriate and they have the documentation to prove that, they may choose to file a for a due process hearing. If it is determined at the due process hearing that the assessment is appropriate, the parents are still able to obtain an IEE, but not at the public’s expense.

Some school districts attempt to put pressure on parents to pick from their specified list of evaluators. In February 2004 the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) addressed this issue in a letter that states, “other than establishing these criteria (for the location and credentials of the evaluator), a public agency may not impose conditions or timelines related to a parent obtaining an IEE at public expense.” The criteria required are the same ones used by the school district. For example, if the school district requires that a Master’s level social worker complete the assessment in question, then the parents have to find a Master’s level social worker to do the IEE. If you have any questions about whether a certain practitioner meets the criteria check with the Special Education Office prior to getting the IEE.

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5 IDEA Requirements for Independent Evaluations at Public Expense

Are you the ancestor of a adolescent with autism or a acquirements affliction that needs an Absolute Educational Appraisal (IEE), to actuate their educational needs or services? Have you heard that parents can ask adapted apprenticeship cadre in their academy commune to pay for an IEE at accessible expense? This commodity will altercate the 5 IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Apprenticeship Act) requirements for an IEE at accessible expense.

1. IDEA 300.502 beneath (b) (1) states that parents “Have the adapted beneath this allotment to access an absolute educational appraisal at accessible amount if the ancestor disagrees with the appraisal acquired by the accessible agency.”

2. Adapted apprenticeship cadre may ask why you disagree with their evaluation, but they cannot crave you to accord an account of what you disagree with. In actuality I acclaim not cogent them what you disagree with, because they may try and absolute the IEE.

3. IDEA 300.502 (b) (2) states “that if a ancestor requests an absolute educational appraisal at accessible expense, the accessible bureau have to after accidental adjournment either; 1. File for a due action audition to appearance that its appraisal is appropriate, or 2. Ensure that an absolute educational appraisal is provided at accessible expense. . .”

4. IDEA 300.502 (5) (e) states “If an IEE is at accessible expense, the belief beneath which the appraisal is obtained, including the area of the appraisal and the abilities of the examiner, have to be the aforementioned as the belief that the accessible bureau uses if it initiates an evaluation, to the admeasurement those belief are constant with the parent’s adapted to an IEE.” Many academy districts try and put a lot of belief on parents for IEE’s at accessible expense. For Example: geographic, cost, name of analyzer have to be on a account etc.

5. Except for the belief in 4 above, academy districts may not appoint added altitude or timelines on the IEE at accessible expense.

The Office of Adapted Apprenticeship Programs (OSEP) has stated, that academy districts may advance belief for IEE’s at accessible expense; with these two exceptions.

a. The academy commune cannot accomplish criteria, that anticipate the ancestor from accepting an IEE at accessible expense. For Example: If you reside in a baby town, with no accessible evaluators, and your commune states that the appraisal have to be done aural 30 miles; it would be absurd for you to acquisition an evaluator. Or the adapted apprenticeship cadre accomplish the amount so low that you cannot acquisition anyone to appraise your child. This may anticipate you from accepting the IEE at accessible expense, so angle up to adapted apprenticeship personnel.

b. Academy districts have to acquiesce parents, to prove that their child’s affairs are unique, and crave a abandonment of the criteria. For Example: If you feel that your adolescent needs to be apparent by a Clinical Psychologist, the amount is apparently traveling to be added than a analyst would charge. If you can prove different circumstances, why your adolescent needs to be evaluated by a Clinical Psychologist, again the academy commune is declared to pay for the Clinical Psychologist. Whether a academy commune is accommodating to do that, after a due action hearing, depends on your academy district.

Remember any belief that a academy commune makes for an IEE at accessible amount have to not anticipate the ancestor from accepting the IEE; and they have to acquiesce for abandonment of belief if the child’s affairs crave it. A acceptable absolute appraisal can account your adolescent by free their disabilities or educational and accompanying account needs.

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Special Education – How to Use an Independent Educational Evaluation to Benefit Your Child

Do you acquire a adolescent with a acquirements affliction or with autism that is

not authoritative bookish progress, even admitting they are accepting adapted

education services? Would you like to apperceive what educational and

related casework your adolescent needs in adjustment to apprentice how to read, or do

other academics? This commodity will altercate what an Absolute

Educational Appraisal (IEE) is, and how you can use one to account

your adolescent with a disability.

The analogue of an Absolute Apprenticeship Appraisal (IEE) is:

An absolute educational appraisal is an appraisal conducted by a

qualified person, who does not plan for the academy district. Parents

of accouchement with a affliction generally get IEE’s so that they acquire

what educational needs their adolescent has and what casework they require.

Most absolute evaluations are ancestor accomplished and paid for by the


Once you acquire absitively to get an IEE, there are several things to

consider about the evaluator:

a. Accomplish abiding that they are able to accomplish the educational

evaluation. For Example: a registered Occupational Therapist could

conduct an Occupational Therapy evaluation. If acoustic processing

disorder (used to be alleged acoustic affiliation disorder) is an issue,

make abiding that you acquisition a registered Occupational Therapist who is

SIPT certified. If your adolescent has autism, accomplish abiding the analyzer

specializes in educational evaluations for accouchement with all types of


b. Whether this being is now, or anytime has been an agent of

your academy district. Talk to the person, and accomplish abiding that they do

not acquire a accord with your academy district. Be careful, even if

they acclimated to plan for addition academy district, accomplish abiding they are

truly independent, and accommodating to accomplish recommendations for what your

child needs.

c. Accomplish abiding that the analyzer is accommodating to address a abundant

report, to cover recommendations for accompanying and educational

services. Ask the analyzer if they are accommodating to acclaim specific

amount of account of account and specific alignment for educational

and accompanying services. If they are not, accede traveling to a altered


Once you acquire answered these questions, accomplish an arrangement and yield

your child. Bring up any apropos that you have, and accomplish abiding that

you acquire what tests will be conducted on your child. When the

report is finished, acquire the analyzer mail a archetype to you. If you acquire

concerns about what is written, you may acquaintance the analyzer and acquaint

them your concerns. Accomplish abiding recommendations are specific for

minutes, #of times per week, goals, methodology, etc.

Call the academy commune and set up an IEP affair to altercate the

results of the IEE. If they appeal a archetype up front, you can accord it

to them. If possible, set up with the evaluator, a time that she or he

can participate in the IEP affair by telephone. By accepting the

evaluator participate, adapted apprenticeship cadre will acquire a harder

time not including the evaluators recommendations.

At the IEP meeting, if the academy cadre will not put the

recommendations in your child’s IEP, they have to accord you above-mentioned accounting

notice (PWN), as to why they are not accommodating to accept, the evaluators

recommendations. This apprehension have to cover the acumen that they are not

accepting the recommendations, and what evaluations they are application to

refuse. If at the IEP affair the academy cadre do cover the

recommendations, ask for agreement of the absolute educational


An absolute educational appraisal can be invaluable to your child.

By compassionate what your child’s educational and accompanying needs are,

you may be a added able advocate, for bare educational and

related services. If your adolescent does not accept an adapted

education their approaching may be in jeopardy!

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